Share. Profit.

Using microfinance to increase access to cryptocurrency for those who need it most.

Bad Money

People are losing their savings. Governments are collapsing. Debt is spiralling out of control. The threat of war is looming on the horizon. All of these problems have a common source- bad money. And yet most of us don't know what we can do about it.

Bitcoin gave us the means to develop tools to take on these challenges. It's up to us to build these tools and learn how to use them.

The Solution


Cryptocurrency allows anyone to send tiny amounts of money to anyone else in the world. If a large group of people can coordinate, this can become an incredibly powerful force.

Data Analysis

By using machine learning and AI, it's possible to analyze social networks to find qualified entrepreneurs worldwide. Now credit can be based on who you are rather than what you own.

Social Profit Sharing

Profits can be shared among thousands of investors even with the smallest projects. Tiny fractions of profits can also be shared with local supporters that help eachother get funding by vouching for each other.

Escape from Debt Slavery

A higher level of trust makes alternate models of financing viable. Profit sharing can replace debt financing, offering a way out of the interest based system.

A Global Investment Network

More than just developing an app, we now have the possibility to build an alternative economic system that puts the power of Wall Street in the palm of your hand.

Unity is Strength

As data accumulates, the process can be refined, and trust can be built up among investors and entrepreneurs worldwide, creating employment opportunities, increasing financial security, and supporting the unity of the ummah.

Help Us!

The first step is to establish a truly halal method of financing that allows conscientious individuals worldwide to network, but our long term vision is to foster the growth of an economic union that unites the Muslim ummah. This is a big goal, and we need all the help we can get! Programming, graphic design, translations to Arabic, Urdu, Turkish, etc.. If you would like to connect, don't hesitate to contact us!